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About us

Fratelli Ciotti

The history of Ciotti’s family starts over 40 years ago when dad Vittorio, cheeses' dealer, at least three times a week, he took his van and he went to search the best producers from which he purchased the cheese to resell. In 1976 , with mum Rosella, he decided to build the actual house where there’s the point sale and the refining department.

Ciotti Antichi Sapori born thanks to the intuition of the brothers Fabio and Francesco but above all from the true passion for what every day they does together with their families, they have always been to the search of the typical products of the territory with the intent to propose and to valorize the genuine products.

The education to the taste for the families starts with the knowledge of the first subjects and how can we use them: perfumes, colors and tastes. And more the seasonality, the origin, the traditions of the job of the artisans and the farmers of that territory.
Who loves the good food doesn’t speak about it as a primary need of the man only but as a story tied up to the earth and the Italian culture Italian slow, a culture where the meals are a moment to spend with the friends and the family.

The point of business is the cheese; the pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) is purchased to 40 days of seasoning in the area of Bolsena; rich of mineral salts, it is wound in a cotton cloth with the aromas of the nature and envoy in a ceramics vase full of hay; after 195 days the pecorino is ready to be eaten. For the meats, the shop has a good choice. The maximum attention is on what the animal eats, how and where it is raised makes the true difference. The wine accompanies all the products, from the cheese to the meat. In the choice, Ciotti always tries to run into the personal taste of the client proposing good wine cellars and a wine of quality that satisfies the senses. About the beer, Ciotti proposes a handicraft beer, not pasteurized, with first subjects of high quality and second fermentation in bottle.

The motto of Ciotti Antichi Sapori?
Through the food have an experience of life where the people have the time to discover the old/new tastes and the traditions of the past.